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Add some colorful sparkle to your Chemex® coffee maker with the Facet Collar.



—UPDATED DESIGNS!— I’ve made adjustments to the collars to improve their fit on the 6 cup and 8 cup Chemex® sizes. As a result, you must pick the size of your Chemex® when ordering.

—SIZE MEASUREMENTS— Measure the height of your Chemex®, from the table top to the top of the carafe. 6c = 8-1/2″, 8c = 9″, 10c = 9-1/4″

If you are looking for a modern Chemex collar to add even more class to your Chemex® coffeemaker, look no further than the Facet collar for Chemex coffee makers from AMNI Concepts. This design features a semi-gloss faceted surface which elegantly reflects surrounding light.

Fits Chemex® Classic and Hand Blown pour over coffee makers: CM-2 5 cup, CM-6A 6 cup, CM-3 and CM-8A 8 cup, CM-10A 10 cup, and CM-4 13 cup.

Does not fit Chemex® Glass Handle coffee makers, or any 3 cup model.

Our collars are designed and 3D printed in-house. We use a tough, high-temperature thermoplastic known as PETG. 3D printing allows us to quickly update our products, produce many different colors, and realize more complex surface designs than would be feasible with traditional manufacturing techniques. These products are designed, manufactured, and hand-finished in-house in Raleigh, North Carolina. Some minor surface finish variation from the images above can be expected.

Notes: Does not include coffee maker. White collar includes all-black cord. All other collars include a gray cord.

black chemex collar facet design rightblue chemex collar facet design right   orange chemex collar facet design right red chemex collar facet design rightChemex Collar Facet White Right


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in

1 review for Collar for Chemex – Facet Design

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    Perfect! Works so well and the blue is pretty! Thank you!

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AMNI Concept Evolutions was founded in 2016 originally to provide value-added mechanical design, process optimization, and 3D CAD modeling services. After several years of successful contracts with organizations such as the Subaru Rally Team USA and with various inventors and startups, we began to develop our own products for coffee enthusiasts. Starting in 2018, we began to offer several accessories for the Chemex® pour-over coffee maker product line, and have continued to innovate and develop more coffee gadgets and accessories.