Our collars for Chemex coffee makers are modern and stylish. The collar is sure to add color and sophistication to your kitchen.

We are excited about 3d printing, design, and a good cup of coffee here at AMNI Concepts. We also were tired of the boring collar on our Chemex coffee maker. That’s why we created 2 lines of collars or grips for your Chemex:

  • The Facet Collar features a semi-gloss, faceted surface which elegantly reflects surrounding light.
  • The Truss Collar features a semi-gloss trellis-debossed surface which produces interesting reflections while providing increased grip and control of your carafe.

Our collars come in black, blue, orange, red, and white!

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AMNI Concept Evolutions was founded in 2016 originally to provide value-added mechanical design, process optimization, and 3D CAD modeling services. After several years of successful contracts with organizations such as the Subaru Rally Team USA and with various inventors and startups, we began to develop our own products for coffee enthusiasts. Starting in 2018, we began to offer several accessories for the Chemex® pour-over coffee maker product line, and have continued to innovate and develop more coffee gadgets and accessories.