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3D Printed Replacement Collars for Chemex® Pour-Over Coffee Makers

We started making these collars in early 2018 after growing bored of our old, stock Chemex® collar. We prefer a more modern style with a bit of color. With our CAD modeling skills and 3D printing systems, we set out to create an alternative to the original collar. Our goal was to provide the same or better thermal protection, increased grip, aesthetically pleasing designs, and vibrant color options. 3D printing allows us to offer many different design and color combinations, which would be unfeasible with traditional manufacturing methods.

Aren’t 3D printed products low quality? No! Additive manufacturing has evolved a great deal since its beginnings with blocky, ugly parts. Our manufacturing centers are very high quality, and are definitely more than capable of producing parts which are very pleasing to look at and touch. We wouldn’t recommend standing on them, but the parts are quite resilient and hold up well to the thermal demands of coffee making. We have been using our collars for over a year now, and they still catch our eyes every time we walk into the kitchen.